All Good Things Must End

It’s come to an end. This is the week that Bethel celebrates the seniors amongst its ranks. So prepare to get a little teary-eyed, because the journey is coming to an end. As you walk through the hallowed halls of academic grandeur, this is a week to remember and appreciate the students that will no longer be there next year.Bethel commemorated its Senior Week this year with a variety of events, one every day for the full week. On Monday there was a pizza party with a free pizza, pop and prizes. Tuesday saw a “Thresher Pride” day as students were encouraged to wear Bethel gear and received a special lunch, made up of always-delicious bread bowls and homemade desserts (Mennonites know how to bake, if you know what I mean). On Wednesday night there was an event at Drubers; $2 dollars off on donuts at this traditional college student hangout. Thursday and Friday saw discounts at the bookstore and a Senior gift. One more week of classes remains, followed by finals week–but this isn’t the end of the journey. Today’s Convo speaker (Pulitzer Prize-winner Margaret Edson) gave a presentation about breath. As humans we are social creatures, who communicate through conversation and interactions with our fellow human beings. A large chunk of our lives may be spent finding meaning in written words, but we lose a large part of understanding when we take something and write it down. This year has been an interesting experience for me as I’ve blogged about what happens at Bethel College. How can I tell you what’s going on, and how fun most of it is? I can only trust that you’ve been able to get enough of a taste to whet your appetite for what Bethel is about. I hope you get a chance to experience Bethel firsthand. It’s been an amazing experience for me, something that I’m thinking more and more about as I prepare to leave Bethel and start the next leg of my journey. I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen, or where my path in life will take me. But one thing is certain: Bethel has helped to prepare me for whatever may come. So fellow students, faculty, and staff, if you’re reading this, thank you. It’s been beautiful here, and it’s because of people like you.