What do Colons and Comedy have in common?

Why, they’re both some of the topics in the URICA symposium. This year’s URICA symposium took place today, Saturday, April 30, and it was a rousing success. What is URICA? URICA is an organization that promotes undergraduate research, and at the symposium many students’ research was presented to the general public. This was more than simply a seminar presentation, as most of the research done on campus over the past year was presented and open to the general public. It’s a fantastic mingling of students, family, faculty, and community members. Schedule-wise there were three rooms of presentations from 9-10, after which there was a break for refreshments as well as browsing time for the multitude of posters set up around the refreshments. There was some delicious shortbread there, courtesy of our friends at Mojo’s, as well as some coffee and other delights. It was during this mixing time that the majority of the sort of cross-pollination that Bethel is famous for took place, as interested community members interact with students and faculty. All sorts of interesting things are asked, and you as a spectator can learn a lot simply by being present. During the second session of presentations from 11-12, I had the privilege of listening to presentations about the caste system in India, colons, and improv comedy. It was quite the mix, a distillation of hours of research into a twenty minute presentation.And if listening to others isn’t your cup of tea, well then you can do your own research project and present it, as I did. But any way you look at it, it was a fun Saturday morning.