Snow Day!!!

For the first time in about 20 years, Bethel College has officially cancelled all of its Wednesday classes. There was much rejoicing when the e-mail first came out – plenty of shouting and dancing in the mod’s courtyard. These first 2 weeks at Bethel have been more or less defined by weather cancellations. One of my weekly classes has cancelled 2 classes (read: we haven’t met yet), a Biochemistry lab was postponed, and I’ve been called off work several times.

Just last night, a storm came through and dumped at least a foot of snow on campus. The boys in the mod upstairs have to step over an 18” snowdrift just to set foot indoors, cars are buried under a thick cap of snow, and there’s a knee-deep layer of snow over most of the Green. Going outdoors is a pretty complicated process involving snow boots, a scarf wrapped around the face, a stocking cap, gloves, and a heavy coat, and really tests one’s initiative to actually go places. As such, most of the students are indoors right now, catching up on homework or favorite shows, sleeping in, or just engaging in some good, old-fashioned hang-out time with friends.