Tonight I’ll be vicariously involved in a special tradition that Bethel takes part of every year: the yearly KMEA concerts. This is the showcase for all musical groups, both high school and collegiate, that sing or play in the state of Kansas. And this year, of all the groups that could have been chosen, our very own concert choir achieved the very prestigious distinction of singing in the final slot on Friday night. This means that in the eyes of the KMEA, the Bethel College concert choir is the best choir in all of Kansas, better than any of the KCAC, better than Newman or any of the other Division II schools, and even better than the three Division I schools that are located in Kansas. As you can imagine, this is an immense honor for the concert choir to receive, and one that they have worked hard to earn. All the students in concert choir have come together to create an amazing sound, putting in time outside of class to make sure that they sound as good as they possibly can. I’ve been blessed to be a part of concert choir beginning in February, and it’s been a fun experience. The people involved are not only motivated, but they’re friendly and personally driven to deliver a fantastic concert. It’s the stimulating sense of engagement that permeates the atmosphere at Bethel, and here it takes vocal form. So if you’re a fan of music, come out tonight to the Friday night (February 25th) show. It’s a unique way of experiencing Bethel. But if you can’t make it tonight, don’t worry. There are a few concerts at Bethel itself throughout the year, where students and community members get a chance to hear the concert choir. Come on out! You won’t regret it.