Changes in the weather

As you can see in Claire’s post from last week, we recently had the first snow day for Bethel in a very, very long time. Believe it or not, that snow is completely gone and has been for a few days.

A week after the crazy -20 degree weather we had a high of 75. Not even kidding. It’s like the groundhog was right for once. I don’t completely believe that winter is gone now, but rumor has it tornado season is supposed to start soon, which would be very early. Don’t worry too much about tornadoes here though. I have lived in North Newton for 16 years and the closest I have ever been to a tornado was on Christmas Day at my cousins’ house. In Florida.

The early spring uncovered a lot of stuff that had been hidden for a few weeks by snow. When the big snowstorm hit, lots of people were sending out pleas for finding their lost keys, cell phones and mp3 players. I know a few people who recovered their devices from the foot and a half of snow and managed to get them working again.

Here’s hoping spring is here to stay!