Looking Ahead

Mediation was the first KIPCOR class that I took. The second, Negotiation theory, was the second of this interterm, and it went just as well. This time around the class met for three hours a day over the course of two weeks, leaving the last week of interterm free for getting tasks accomplished and whatever else I need to finish before the semester starts. During the two-week run of negotiation classes, we were able to play an epic Humans vs. Zombies game. Because there is a lot more time during interterm, we were able to make the game a lot more enjoyable this time around and work out a number of the kinks that occurred in prior games. The game ended nearly perfectly, with the last humans succombing to the zombie horde minutes before their helicopter was to pick them up from a fourth-floor landing. The game was entertaining and all enjoyed it. Today was the day when those who went on trips begin to return. It’s always enjoyable seeing friends return from abroad, but in this case it signals the end of interterm. It was enjoyable while it lasted, but now it’s time to focus on the semester ahead.