Today is the last day of interterm classes.  I took Linear Algebra, which I was supposed to take before my math class last semester but since I wasn’t in college last interterm that would have been a little difficult. I really enjoyed having only one class for this month. In some ways it was relaxing while still being an intensely focused course. I work two afternoons a week so I wasn’t really bored ever. Now we have a four-day weekend before second semester starts on Tuesday, and I only have one class on Tuesday so it’s almost a five-day weekend!

We’ve had a pretty typical Kansas winter and the out-of-state kids are a little thrown off. It stayed mild all through December, got really cold in early January, snowed a lot and stayed cold for a week or two, and now it’s in the 50s. Many people were gone for trips over interterm and returned on Monday so they missed all of the fun in the snow! A big group of people went out to sled at the hill about a mile from campus on the day it snowed, and I heard that more people went the days after. That’s my favorite part about Kansas winters–you get some snow, but it doesn’t stay for months.

I have a pretty full schedule for the upcoming semester, so here’s hoping for a good end to freshman year!