Megan 1, First semester of college 0

I’d like to think that’s what the score was, at least. Semester one is officially OVER. I can’t quite say for sure, since not all of my grades are posted yet, but I feel pretty good about it. The last week of school was probably the most fun yet stressful. I was expecting finals week to be full of hours in the library and no fun, but it was actually kind of exciting. I was lucky enough to have my finals schedule evenly spread out so I only had to focus on one test at a time. Some people were not so lucky and had 3 finals in one day, but professors are very understanding and most will let you take a final on a different day if you have 3 or more scheduled the same day.

Campus is more or less empty now, which is kind of depressing. I’m going to work next week at the bookstore and Mojo’s is still open as well, but it won’t be the same. Now I just have to wait for everyone to come back for Interterm! Merry Christmas everyone!