Finals Week!

People usually get very busy and stressed around finals week, but this semester I am looking forward to this finals week!  Today is reading day, a day which there are no classes or finals and everyone spends the day studying and preparing for their finals.  I have 3 finals, one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They are spread out very well, so I do not have much to stress about.  I have plenty of time to get all my studying in.

I also look forward to finals week because of all the food and parties that occur during this time.  Almost every club schedules a party for Reading day of finals week.  There is good food and good times!  Also, there are Christmas parties for each dorm, Voth Hall’s being tomorrow night.  Also, Voth Hall has a food cart that travels the halls during finals week.  If you ever need a break from studying or even a quick “pick me up”, the cart and all its food and drink is available to you.  There is also a Christmas Party in the Cafeteria, serving nachos which is held by the Bethel Parents Association.  They also give out gifts to every student who attends.

Due to all these parties, finals week is not as stressful for me as one would think.  One last thing that makes this finals week great is that the women’s basketball team is taking a trip to Florida at the end of the week.  We are playing a tournament, 2 games, in Daytona Beach, and then spending 3 more days in Orlando.  We will be visiting Disney World and many other places.  It will be so much fun!  My next blog will be after our trip, so you can hear all about how it went!