A Look Ahead

Interterm is just around the corner! This is a different time at Bethel, and it is another one of those things that makes Bethel unique.Interterm is a bonus mini-semester; it spans the entire month of January and consists of classes that meet most of the morning or afternoon, or travel. Interterm is the time to go places, and this year is no exception. There are classes going to Mexico, Haiti, and Israel, but I won’t be going to either. Though it’s not as glamorous, I’ll be spending the interterm here at Bethel.Interterm is an interesting time. Most people will come back, but there will be a few people who work over interterm, graduated, or who have transferred elsewhere. The new transfers won’t come until the beginning of next semester, so the first day of interterm is meeting up with all the friends that you haven’t seen in three weeks. It’s time to quickly get caught up, because those people that are heading out are going to be gone shortly. When you get up the next day and go to breakfast, it’s a completely different scene. Now about a third of the people that were there the day before are gone. What awaits you during interterm is a time of bonding with everybody that’s around. You get an opportunity to bond with everyone who is still around, and form a bond with a lot of people that you probably wouldn’t otherwise hang out with. Because of the short length of the semester, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time with the people you have a class with, and there are almost exclusively Gen Ed-type classes that draw from a wide spectrum of individuals at the college. It’s a fun time, and I’m looking forward to it.Until next time,Ben Histand