Thanksgiving break!

Two days until school is out and everyone heads home for Thanksgiving!  This is my favorite time of the year because I get some quality time with my family and I love this weather!  I love colder weather, especially snow!  I love the holidays with the Christmas decorations and music.  It just seems like there is excitement in the air!  There are no classes Wednesday through Friday so that is very exciting!  Then when we come back after Thanksgiving, time will just fly by because there are just 2 weeks of classes and then finals week.  This semester is almost over!

The dorms are closed during Thanksgiving break, but the community is great about providing homes and meals for people who are unable to go home due to distance.  I know a few community members who will be hosting a Bethel student over the break and they are so happy to do it.

This time of the year is exciting for me because when it gets really cold outside I know it’s time to play basketball.  The women’s team is 4 and 2 and we start our conference play the week after Thanksgiving.  This is bittersweet for me, since I am a senior and this will be my last year!  I am still pretty excited for it though.