On the Oregon Trail


Halloween at Bethel College is LEGIT, and this year’s party was particularly spectacular. My mod dressed up as characters from “Oregon Trail” (the computer game that we all played in elementary school), complete with our very own Conestoga wagon! We wore our best interpretations of period costumes and wore signs saying “Lorraine died of dysentery,” “Katherine has a broken arm,” “Jeb has a snake bite,” and so forth. We received some pretty rave reviews, and lots of “Oh my gosh, I LOVED that game!!!”

The boys in the mod above us dressed as the Nine Companions from Lord of the Rings, with huge amounts of attention to detail, and the members of another girls’ mod were evil Disney characters (Ursula, The Little Mermaid; Yzma, The Emperor’s New Groove; The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland; etc). There were so many great costumes at the dance, from the conventional clowns, sports players, superheroes, and fairies to the not-so-conventional set of bowling pins + ball, the blind refs (complete with white canes), the professor impersonations, Johnny Appleseed, and even Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street!

Halloween is a great time for us all to unleash our inner creativity and penny-pinching. The vast majority of students do not buy their costumes, but throw them together from the theater department’s costume loft or from friends. It’s always really fun to see how students repurpose ordinary items to make their costume just a little bit better (using umbrellas to serve as the bell of a jellyfish). And as always, I had a wonderful time taking pictures of the many different costumes.