Making Changes

At Bethel, one of the things that gets emphasized in talking with prospective students is the opportunities that you’re afforded because of the closeness of the student body and administration. This post is about a real-life example of making a difference in the way our college operates.

I’m taking an upper-level business class, Managing Organizational Change, with Mr. Becker. As part of our class, the five of us are working closely with Dr. Perry White to enact an organizational change at Bethel College. The project that we are undertaking will be something that goes beyond our class, and is something that we’ll be participating in throughout the year.

At the moment we’ve started the process. Dr. White came in and presented what change was desired at Bethel College, and allowed us the leeway to come up with a specific change within one of those broad points. We are then partially responsible for overseeing its implementation throughout the year. At this point in time we just finished brainstorming, and we will decide on a final idea soon—I’m looking forward to it.

So this month I’ve been enjoying an opportunity unique to Bethel. In my next post I’ll talk about Fall Break, and the upcoming Halloween dance.