Tie-dye extravaganza

One of the best things about Bethel is life on campus. I’m not sure what percentage of students live on campus, but it’s very high. This makes for a very tight-knit community.

My floor in Haury Hall is actually two girls’ halls, but we do most everything together. This past Sunday our two RAs, Lindsey and Jordyn, organized a tie dye party for the 30-some girls on the floor. For most of us it was a fun way to spend time with friends we had already met, but I also talked for the first time with some girls who I had said hi to when passing in the hallway but had never really talked to before.

We had so much fun with the tie-dying that everyone was going back to their rooms to find what else they had that was white and could be made into a masterpiece. The best part was the next day when we rinsed the items out and saw them for the first time tie-dyed, everyone was so happy and excited about seeing each other’s work.

When I told people I was coming to Bethel many asked, “Oh, so you’re living at home then?” I never really hesitated in my decision to live on campus and don’t regret it at all. The sense of community here has been one of my favorite parts.