Last night saw an event that’s been a campus ritual: the yearly Luau Dance at the beginning of the year. The Luau was a fun event, for me the combination of planned and spontaneous that is enjoyable about Bethel.

The night began at 5:45 when our Mod ate at a parent’s house. We had absolutely delicious taco fixings, then hung around to play ping pong and Rock Band until we ended up at the Thresher football game. We joined the Student Section, cheered, and then we were ready for the dance. Student Life had sno-cones they were giving out, which were absolutely delicious. They had hired a former Bethel student to DJ, and he was blasting some house by the time we finished our sno-cones. We made eye contact with each other, and it was time to dance. We moved onto the sand volleyball court that was our dance floor for the night and a wave of people followed, transforming the court into a seething cluster of students breaking it down.

After continuing like this for some time, my friends and I took a break from the events; it was time for some mattress surfing. We walked over to old science and proceeded to hang ten on a springy Haury mattress down the basement stairs. We sat around, explored the random tunnel in the basement, and just enjoyed being college students. We came back for the last half hour of the Luau. We played cards, and we were done for the night, another Saturday night at Bethel College.

Until next time! -Ben