In Praise of Study Groups

Study groups are amazing. I know that sounds super nerdy, and it probably is, but the fact remains that study groups are probably the best way to prepare for a test.I have an Organic Chemistry test this Monday, and I just spent 2 hours in a study group, comparing material that I did know, material that I didn’t know, and concepts that I was a little shaky on with 3 of my classmates. And in nearly every case, we were able to fill the gaps in each other’s knowledge. Study groups can be super intense and incredibly stressful with the wrong mixture of people, but with the right group, studying can be pretty fun, especially when the topic-specific jokes and puns start flying!

Classes are in full swing now. Most of my modmates have at least one test this week, if not two or three. Life at Bethel is getting busy. Between sporting events, classes, studying for exams, going to class, playing Ultimate! on the Green, jobs, and club activities, there’s hardly any time to hang out and relax! In the past couple of days, however, I’ve been able to watch at least one movie with some friends, eat at a couple of church-sponsored meals (SOOOO good!) and fill one of my modmates’ rooms with cups of half-full water as a prank. So my social life isn’t totally null and void… at least not yet!