From Grouchy to God

Stress, stress and more stress. That is where I found myself this past week, not to mention the week before. I was constantly complaining about all the work to be done for my classes and the jobs I hold here on campus. Ask my roommate, and I’m sure she could tell you that I was downright grouchy! Amongst my exceedingly full schedule I somehow found myself sleeping at 10:00 am last Wednesday morning. That next hour at 11:00 am, Bethel has scheduled a time for Chapel lead by our campus pastor Dale Schrag. Although all students are encouraged to attend, no one is required to fill up that hour of your week at a church based service. This particular week the theme for Chapel was “Images of Christ: Reflections by Peter Miller (Resident Director for Warkentine Court), Trey Ronnebaum (Student Basketball Player) and Miranda Weaver (Student Tennis Player).” I am good friends with Trey and I had told him I would make sure to come especially to listen to him. My alarm went off at 10:50 that morning, awaking me from my hour long nap and as I was laying there barely awake in my bed I thought about how easy it would be to fall right back asleep to escape a bit longer from my hectic week. Then I thought of my promise to Trey and reluctantly got out of my bed to go to Chapel. The Chapel was completely full as it was every week and some people were even forced to sit in the balcony. We started off with a prelude, some singing and scripture, and then Miranda was up. Miranda Weaver is a sophomore here at Bethel just like me. She plays tennis, sings in the choir and is majoring in Social Work. She was asked to speak at Chapel this morning, and talked about how her image of Jesus was most commonly as a man who saved her from her sins. She went on to speak about what a few of the sins she has been saved from were. First she mentioned that Jesus saves her from perfection. Sitting there, I was forced to think about how much I am influenced by the pressures of perfection every day. The verse she chose to accompany this point was Corinthians 2 12:9 “My Power is made perfect in your weakness.” This verse and segment of her reflection of Jesus really hit home with me. I mentally stopped and thanked God for leading me to Bethel College. I thanked him for the other students as well, because I feel like it is them who truly make this experience for me complete and enjoyable. I thanked him for Chapel, where all are welcome to share their faith on a weekly basis. I thanked him for all the opportunities I have to feel his presence here at Bethel. If it weren’t for Miranda this week, I would have stayed grouchy all week and would probably still feel stressed. I love the people here on campus and thank them for being who they are! I know that if you visit Bethel, not only will you be welcomed by the amazing students, faculty and staff we have, but by God as well! P.S.- If you get the chance to visit on a WEDNESDAY, you can ask to sit in on chapel as part of your visit day! We’d love to have you join us!