This past Thursday, one of the most exciting fall events at Bethel took place. Every year, the volleyball team plays at least one game against our rival opponents, the Tabor College Blue Jays. It seems that every season, these two teams are evenly matched, making for an unforgettable game. This year, the meet was held at Bethel, in Thresher gym, and boy was it unforgettable! I like to think that almost the entire student body was in attendance. Some of the boys on the basketball team even painted their chests to spell THRESHERS. Everyone was cheering and standing for the duration for the entire five-game match, and for good reason. The games were very intense! The first two games, the Bethel volleyball team struggled through, and ended up giving up to Tabor. For those of you who are volleyball illiterate, college volleyball matches include five separate games, and the teams play the best of those five games. So, for Tabor to travel to North Newton and win the first two games against a tough home crowd was heartbreaking to most of the Bethel community watching. Then, thank goodness, the third game came around and the teams’ attitudes were immediately changed to ones’ of competition. They fought their hardest and ended up winning the match!! It was awesome, the gym was full of energy, and afterwards, the girls were thrilled to have beaten the Blue Jays (for the second consecutive time). This win was extra special for me because out of my nine mod mates, five of them are stars on the volleyball court. I was so proud that they ended up playing so well that night, and the general atmosphere of 2b was one of excitement.

Bethel will face the Blue Jays again on the 19th of October! If you are interested in playing volleyball in college or what to see what the student section is like at Bethel, come to the game and check things out! The JV squad will begin play at 5:30 and the varsity will follow them at 7. Both games take place in Hillsboro, Kansas at Tabor College campus. So, come support the Thresher volleyball team at this game, or any of the other matches for the remainder of the season!