UH OH!!!!

Uh oh for fun, get ready for the best weekend of your college careers. This weekend is going to be filled with so much fun and excitement. Starting on Friday, after classes end there will be a game of capture the flag in the dark!!! Yay! Then on Saturday it is the annual intramural softball games where there is a lot of fun and excitement. Even if you’re not a participant, many go to lay out in the sun and cheer on their peers and of course barbecue. You can’t have a softball game without a barbecue. Last but not least, there is Sunday. Who can forget mud-slam, that icky sticky rolling around in the mud all day volleyball game which implies win or go home!!! After you’re all washed up from the mud, you should go to send off for summer. Yay my favorite part of the year because it is the last time to spend time with your buddies before everyone leaves for the summer. Remember the first 75 people at send off for summer get free t-shirts.