The Final Push

Well friends, it seems that the year is quickly drawing to a close, which means that you probably think I’m going to talk about how busy the end of the year is, what all I have to accomplish yet, and how much I’m looking forward to summer. Well, you’re right, kind of. There is a lot to do, but so far I don’t feel overwhelmed. I need to write two or three more papers and memorize a monologue for my Living in Performance class. I don’t think that school will be too terribly hectic, but having lots and lots of Masterworks rehearsals towards the end of this week will probably stress me out. There’s one thing about having choir every day for an hour, and then there’s another thing about having it for four days straight for at least three hours at a time. As much as I love Poulenc’s Gloria and Stravinsky’s Requiem I feel like it’s going to be a struggle for me to stay attentive and optimistic facing such a grueling schedule. I’m not saying that so much practice is unwarranted either, we are not to the performance level with these pieces yet and could honestly use all of this practice time. It’s just…well…inconvenient for getting homework done and having a life. Oh well, it’s only 4 days. On another topic, my friend Marius is here from Germany visiting for a week, so it’s been nice to see and spend time with him over the past couple of days. Since I’ve had to go to work and do homework, we haven’t really had much time to do anything really spectacular to celebrate his journey, but sometimes just hanging out can be a vacation in itself when you’re traveling. We did go out for some good Chinese food at Chongs here in town, which I’ll give a shout out to as being a great restaurant that everyone should try. Seriously, go eat there, now. In other news, I decided that I should learn some Spanish since being a social worker kind of requires that you are able to work with and relate to diverse groups of people. I don’t have time to take a Spanish class, so I’m wondering about giving the famous Rosetta Stone software a try. Who knows, that may make a good summer project.I need to cut this short and go to choir. Have a good Wednesday!