Softball, MudSlam, Send off for Summer= Great Weekend (Almost)

This past weekend was planned to be an awesome filled weekend!…But due to weather, intramural softball was rained out on Saturday. MudSlam was canceled due to bad weather–but it was actually sunny so some people still played! Allen Wedel was pumped that he still got to play MudSlam. He had been looking forward to MudSlam for a looong time! Send off for Summer was the only thing not canceled! Students stood in line for free t-shirts (the first 75 students) and the Student Life staff grilled the hot-dogs and hamburgers. There were inflatables, pie was thrown into faculty faces, and students played catch with a football. This was very fun for everyone and it was a great time to spend with friends before heading into finals and then moving home for the summer. Even though softball and MudSlam was canceled, the weekend still ended up pretty good. Send off for Summer is always an event students look forward to. …Now the weekend is over, it is on to studying for finals!