So it’s the first of April, and even though this is a day known for pranks and humor, the nice weather we’ve been having this week is no joke. I’m always amazed at how much the seasons and weather in general affect my moods/activities throughout the year. Having been born in the spring has always made me love this season, though I’ve come to appreciate the new leaves and green grass even more than getting presents on the day of my birth as my life has gone on. I notice that I’m usually happier during the spring, which I think may very possibly be directly related to how much exercise I get. It’s so much easier to go for a run or play volleyball with friends if the weather is nice than during our harsh Kansas winters. Sure, I could go to the basement of Memorial Hall and lift weights or run on the treadmills, but it’s just not the same, you know? Something about hearing the pound of my feet on the Bethel trails or feeling the sand of the volleyball pit between my toes just makes me feel more alive. It’s almost as if when the Earth is reborn every year I am too, and that’s a pretty cool feeling. Anyways….I’ve been pretty busy lately. You might ask, “Aren’t you always busy?” Well, yeah, I am. I like it that way. For some reason over the years I’ve developed this feeling that if I’m not busy I’m wasting my life, and I don’t want to do that at any cost. Life keeps moving and I like to too. So I keep busy. After my last entry we had about a week or two before spring break and I was getting ready for my midterms. I’m afraid that I probably didn’t work as hard as I should’ve to get good grades on my tests. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fail any of them or anything like that, but I should’ve and could’ve done better. I think I came out with no midterm grades lower than a B, but I try my best to get A’s when I can, so having several B’s was kind of disappointing. Like I said though, it was my own fault. I don’t really know what my problem has been lately. I feel as if I just become more and more apathetic towards my schoolwork as time goes on. I get everything done, and I do a good job, but I just don’t really care and don’t stress out about getting perfect grades. My life has become a little more relaxing as a result of this, but I’m not entirely sure that’s good, at least I don’t want to develop the habit of getting by in school without really caring. That’ll just end up getting me in real trouble one of these days. Spring break was good. I went to California with a couple of my mod mates and our friends. Two of them live in Fresno, Calif. so we were able to just hang out at their houses and stay for free for a week, which was extraordinarily great, especially as a college student without large amounts of cash on hand. We hung out at a really nice park, went to a zoo and took a picture of us acting like flamingos (see below), played around at the beach (and met a nice beach bum!!!), and went and saw the Giant Sequoias all before driving another 24 hours straight back home. Let me tell you, I never want to drive 24 hours straight again. Ever. Haha. Now we’re back and homework has greeted my return with a vengeance. ‘Tis all okay though, since tomorrow is Good Friday and all classes have been canceled, making today the end of my week. Upcoming events for me include Easter gatherings with the family, my birthday, some service out at Camp Mennoscah, the Bubbert’s Film Awards, and other fun stuff. Looks like there will still be plenty to do in the rest of this school year, despite my already crammed schedule. Flamingo PosesLife is good.