Easter springs up!

Good Friday has come and gone, and Easter is in two days! I can hardly believe it. The Bethel campus has been a buzz with sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and happy students basking in the sun. Springtime livens the hearts of those who have been in hibernation during winter, and it calls to the warm breeze of summer. Classes are on their downward slope after midterms have been taken and spring break has come and gone. Final projects are in more mature stages of development, and many seniors are slaving away over their senior seminars. Some days I feel very thankful that I am a junior this year, and I still have another year before I need to write my senior seminar. It is such a special and stressful event in a student’s life. I have been more satisfied with the cafeteria food lately, also. I’m not sure if that is because I have been in a more happy mood because of the beautiful weather outside or because it is actually better. I also am looking forward to going to the St. George’s Orthodox Church service in Wichita with my vocation seminar class led by Patty Shelly. The service is around 2 1/2 hours long, and it begins at 11:00 PM. Patty promised us that we would know by the end that Christ is risen indeed! She also said there is a big feast after the liturgy. I am looking forward to this service! I imagine that I will be less tired than other adult members of the congregation who don’t usually stay up late like normal college students. Speaking of staying up late, it is actually almost 2:00 AM, so I think I’m going to head to bed. Blessings on this Easter weekend!