Early Enrollment

Today is early enrollment day for incoming freshman. This year it is really exciting to have this day publicized to all of the students and faculty. I don’t ever remember in years past that we even had an early enrollment day. But it is amazing too see almost 50 new students coming onto campus and enrolling. It goes to show that our Admissions team is working very hard to bring new students to campus and that their hard work is paying off. I am very excited to see just how many new students are on campus in the fall. I am sure that the campus will have a new feel to it and because there will be so many new people! I know that all Admissions staff, coaches, faculty, and students have worked very hard this year to bring lots of prospective students onto campus and to try and increase enrollment. I truly believe that all of this hard work is beginning to show and beginning to finally pay off. This year has been a lower enrollment year than in recent years, but everyone is and has been working hard to increase enrollment. I am truly excited to see how our campus grows come fall semester!!