The Aftermath

So, the great opera known as Die Fledermaus is finally over. Our Saturday night performance was the best that I could’ve hoped for and I’m extrememly proud of how everyone performed to the best of their abilities that night. It was a good journey with a group of people that became kind of a family to me, which is probably what I’ll miss the most. However, there seems to be too much to be done in the present to be nostalgic about the past. This week I am tasked with figuring out how to pay my tuition for this semester, write 3 papers, and get ready for some midterms next week. How time flies. As much as I’ll miss opera, I don’t know how I would survive these next couple of weeks without my evenings free. So, aside from much work to be done, I’m on a job hunt looking for some extra money as I find myself very poor (as most college students do) with loans to pay off. I don’t know how many more jobs I can apply for when I’m already working (technically) 3. My monetary problems result from Bethel’s payment cycle being only once every month instead of every two weeks. As you can imagine, paying off credit card bills and keeping up with other costs become a little harder when you get paid less often, even though that amount is more. For example, I am going to California with some of my modmates over spring break and get my paycheck when I get back…bleh. :-/ Oh well, I guess it’ll all work out. My apologies for my bellyaching (I bet you haven’t heard that expression for a while). Life is actually pretty good and fairly stress free. Hey, at least I have my health, haha. Oh, and my birthday is in a month. You see, it gets better and better!Goodbye old friend.Die Fledermaus PosterR.I.P. Die Fledermaus, we had fun while it lasted. Now, on to bigger and better things.