Second Semester=Craziness

Second Semester is now almost one month underway. For me, this means that the craziness is one month underway! My second semester schedule is a great one, but I am crazy busy! I feel like I am always in class, or preparing for a class. This is not always a bad thing, but with basketball on top of everything else I feel that I barely have time for myself. Last week I took my first two tests of the semester! They went great, but not without a lot of studying! Preparing for tests in college is a must! This is not high school mode, without studying one could not even think of a decent grade here at Bethel. The semester seems to be flying by so I am struggling to make sure and keep up on those random projects as well as keep up on my regular class assignments and class readings. I am faring well so far, so hopefully I can keep my focus up! I am finally into a routine of my classes so now I am able to better plan my study sessions! But this is not to say that my semester is still not crazy!