Hello again my friends. We have, once again, spent far too much time apart. Yes, I know, I missed you too…however, we dare not dwell too much on the past as there is so much going on in the present. Can you guess where I am? Well I’ll save you the head-scratching and pondering and just come out with it; I am, as usual, in the Fine Arts Center at Opera practice. If you’ve been reading some of my other posts you may recall that I am playing Dr. Falke in Johann Strauss’s operetta “Die Fledermaus”. Falke is a fun-loving, jovial man with a brilliant mustache in most pictures I’ve seen of other productions. Before you ask, I am not currently sporting a mustache, though I have to admit it might be fun for a little while. My dad has had a mustache all of my life, and I thought about asking him to shave it off and let me use it for the opera, but I don’t think that would really work out. 🙂 Anyway, practice now and in general has been/is going good. I have all of my lines memorized pretty well and now I’m focusing on my acting and singing in a more full and deep tone. The show should be really really great. So….tell your friends, and then come also. You can even come with your friends if you want, we won’t discriminate. I’d tell you ticket prices, but since I’m in the show I don’t need to buy them and therefore don’t know all of the details, though I can tell you that you need to go to the Bethel bookstore and buy them. Performances are next Thursday and Saturday nights (4th & 6th) at 7:00pm. Hmmm, I’m not really sure what else to say except that we have a really awesome promotional poster made by my friend Audra Miller, who also plays a part in the opera, a jailer named Frosh. I’ll try to put the poster up here sometime in the next few days if I can. Well, I need to get back on stage, so this is all for now. Stay classy. -R