Back into Spring!

Spring semester is underway and it feels like it’s been taking forever! We’re only two weeks in! Right now, there are lots of things happening on campus. I’m trying to get in all my points for forensics while keeping up with homework in classes AND costuming the opera. Somehow my schedule is all messed up and I have four classes that start at 8:00am–but I’ll live 🙂Last week something awesome happened. We had this organization called Numana come and do a food drive. We packaged food for Haiti, and in an eight-hour span, we packaged nearly 221,000 meals. Our goal was 250,000 but we ran out of rice. This event was amazing and I think that it really brought the campus together as a community. People are STILL talking about it. I hope that Numana decides to come back to do another event. I know that Bethel students would really enjoy it.

This week we had a forensics meet at the University of Oklahoma, and I thought I’d give you a taste of the forensics team. All but one of us are in other school activities, and only one or two of us are actually majoring in communications. This really speaks to the diversity and talent that we have on our team. We also kick butt, because Bethel College has qualified students for national forensics every year since the organization was established.

These pictures are of Aaron and Dana… We were exploring the OU campus and Dana knew of this room that he referred to as, “The dining room at Hogwarts.” He was right! It was called “The Great Reading Room,” and it was impressive. We decided to have a photo shoot. Unfortunately, I did not catch a picture of Taylor sleeping in a chair at the next table.