Today was our last day of interterm! I have enjoyed Astronomy, a class taught by a man who absolutely LOVES the stars (Tracy Tuttle). Our universe is so big, I still can’t fathom it. Because of the cloudy weather, we only were able to observe the nighttime sky a couple times during the month. However, those few times of stargazing were incredible! I have had a wonderful time readjusting to life at Bethel after a semester away in Ecuador, and it has been nice being on a campus with less people for the first month. I was able to reconnect with the students here and slowly get back in the swing of Bethel life. I forgot how much I love the freedom to do whatever I want without having to tell anyone what I’m doing or where I’m going, also. Surprisingly, the cafeteria food actually tastes better than I remembered, aside from the fact that I miss having spectacular fresh fruit. The oranges and apples in the cafeteria simply don’t compare to the ones in Ecuador. The weather started off extremely cold in the beginning of Interterm, but towards the end I was able to run or roller blade outside without the fear of losing my toes or fingers to frostbite. I was ecstatic to see the bike trail along the river is finally completed, and I made a long trek all the way through Newton on the trail to celebrate the completeness! Since I’ve been back, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with my host-family, also, which has been extremely pleasurable. Ray and Lois Penner are wonderful people. Last Sunday I went to Faith Mennonite Church and enjoyed a lunch of chili and great desserts. Afterward I went to my host parents’ house to show them all my pictures of Ecuador. I also got to see pictures of family get-togethers from my host parents over this past fall. With everyone arriving home from Europe, Costa Rica, Chicago, and Texas, I have been enjoying fun stories of adventures abroad. There is a unique and eager spirit in the air to share stories of new culture, ethnicity, misunderstandings, surprising customs, and different ways of life. I’m so happy so many students get an opportunity to travel and learn more about the beautiful world we live in. I feel rejuvenated and ready to start the semester!