What happened to October?

It seems to me that I must have skipped October. Something happened and I think I blinked too long. Suddenly it’s November and this semester is on the downhill slide. I think I also missed fall break–I am so looking forward to that Thanksgiving week Wednesday with no school.Forgive me, I am just tired!Things have been going well lately at Bethel. I nailed a couple tests and worked up some four octave scales. But what makes me sad I suppose is the fact that everybody in my class (senior) is talking about what they will be doing next year. And me… I will still be here at Bethel. I’m majoring in Music Education and it is a five year degree. Although I came to Bethel with more than a few hours from my high school years, I still have another year. Community members and people from my hometown ask me, “are you DONE yet?” I have to admit, I get a little tired of explaining myself. On another note, this is the only semester that I get to take an elective, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m taking studio fundamentals and it has been challenging, but rewarding. The first project was an ink drawing. A compilation animal of at least five different animals. Mine ended up having frog legs and body, a cow’s head, hippo nose, goat arms, fish fins on the back and a squirrel tail. As a finishing touch, she had on lipstick and was carrying an alligator handbag. Our second project was a two-way painting. I chose a page from National Geographic to paint. A South-American landscape with a native woman holding a child. Those two projects were hard!The most fun I’ve had so far is with our sculptures. There was a wire sculpture, where we had to do at least two figures (as full figures, not stick ones), and a setting for them to be in. I did two musicians playing a duet on clarinet and flute–and there was a music stand between the two. The project I’m working on now is from a plaster chunk that was formed in a 44oz cup. It is going to be a caricature of a swan. The next project is embroidery! I’m especially pumped for this one :)I enjoy this studio class a lot more than I thought I would. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere, and I also enjoy working while nobody else is there. Sculpting gives me time to just sit with my thoughts–and there isn’t another activity I do that allows me that freedom. I encourage everybody to try to squeeze in a class to simply enjoy.