Feeling at home

Rain, rain, every day. That’s been how I’ve felt this Fall. It slows my day up a little and can make walking back and forth to class a little dreary.Yesterday morning I was late for work and running to my car in the rain, when. . . I took a mighty tumble. (ps- beware of shoes that were not meant for running, they will betray you every time.)When I fell, I hurt my ankle badly enough that I had trouble getting up and walking back to my room. I have to admit, I was pretty miserable as I slowly watched my left ankle swell and color throughout the day.I was missing home and feeling whiny. . .when I realized that everyone who had talked to me had been caring and considerate. I had people walk slowly without complaining, help me up stairs, and I even had one person (maybe a little facetiously) offer me a piggyback ride! ;)As I ended my day, I realized that even though I could decide to feel miserable and whiny, I had every reason to be thankful. After a couple pain pills my ankle wasn’t that bad, and all of my friends were being absolutely lovely. Home is where the heart is, and it looks like I now have two homes. (Don’t tell my Ma. 😉 )