The New Year

Well it is once again, another year at Bethel. So much has changed since my freshman year but so much has stayed the same. The night before last, I was actually nervous for the first day of school! I had a hard time falling asleep and then I woke up entirely too early. One would think that that sort of nervousness would fade over time… but it hasn’t. Yesterday, I sat in on the first convocation of the year. Mind you, I haven’t attended the first convocation since my freshman year–and I somehow missed my march across the stage while in the restroom. Faculty and staff spoke of the students that left a mark on them personally and each story was one of inspiration. I hope that one day I can live up to any student they spoke of. It felt a little bit awkward staring at the freshman while people spoke, but it gave me a chance to study who was up there. There was that sweet girl I played tennis with in high school…and that really talented kid I counseled from Music Camp… It made me excited to see how the kids I knew had grown. I was especially excited to see who these people would become. I hope that with this blog readers won’t find me too boring. I suppose I am now considered a non-traditional student? My goals for this school year might be a little different from the average student anyway. I am concerned about finding my groove while balancing study time, family time and house cleaning time. I hope that being a newlywed won’t prove to be too hard to handle with school. I have always been a near-straight-A-student and will face the challenge of staying one.