Moving In and Beginning a New Year

When the end of August nears, it means that it is now time to pack up and move back to Bethel. I always seem to get excited about coming back to school! Of course the feeling of excitement comes from the fact that I get to see all of my friends again and that I am no longer living under the same roof as my parents… There is some enthusiasm about starting new classes, but basically it is the social life that entices me. On move-in day, there is an excitement around campus. Everyone is now seeing each other after a long summer apart, people are moving in and arranging their rooms for the “perfect” layout, there are new faces to get acquainted with, and of course there is the week of welcome. The week of welcome is where every night there is an “event” happening such as an ice cream social, watermelon feed, movie on the green, a luau dance, a carnival, etc. These social events are a blast because it brings the Bethel community together and it is a venue to meet the new freshmen and transfers. Also, this is a way for the new students to get accustomed to life at Bethel. The start of a new school year is so much fun, but it also reminds me of how fast time flies. I am now a junior–half way done with college! Woo Hoo! This year when I moved in there was not as much of a new feeling moving in, but a feeling of, wow I’m almost done! But I can remember back to when I was a freshman and how thankful I was that Bethel is a small campus because it was so easy to meet people right away. Bethel does a good job of really welcoming the new students and helping them to feel comfortable with campus as quick as possible. Now classes are beginning and I can’t wait to get the school year underway!