Got Stress?

I do!Already a week into the semester, and I’ve got it! This semester my workload is actually surprisingly light–I’m barely full time. One might think that I have it easy (and I thought I did before classes started) but I don’t feel that way.One class, Sociology, is going to be tough because Bethel professors are so amazing. My professor for this class–Stanley Eitzen–actually wrote the textbook. There will be no slacking allowed in this class. Another class for Education is going to be rough as well, Psychological Foundations of Education. All of the information is very formal and specific–I feel like I can’t answer correctly because I don’t think in such terms. It will be hard to get used to. Finally, I am out of my element in Studio Fundamentals. Other than one semester of photography senior year of high school, I haven’t had an art class since middle school. This just feels daunting.I also have other responsibilities. I have to practice various instruments, work on costumes, and function as CMENC president.You may ask, what is CMENC? It stands for College Music Educators National Conference–a club for people who want to be involved in music and especially for people who want to be music teachers. This club offers various educational and service opportunities. We have a booth at Fall Fest to raise money. We are selling kabobs again this year, and we hope that we will have some cool shirts to sell too. We also are planning a few service projects for the Music Department, and participate in the school-wide Service Day. Usually on the full Service Day we go to an underfunded school and help out their bands and choirs for the day. I have always enjoyed it. I think that it’s great that Bethel encourages students to participate in service projects like this. For me, it is a way to get a taste of my future career, and it is always very fulfilling.As for my stress level, I think that I can handle it. I just need to keep a level head. One skill that I have been working on over the last few years is TIME MANAGEMENT!