Tennis continues despite stupid Kansas weather

After the recent blizzard-like weather in Kansas, it might seem odd to talk about Spring athletics, but as the snow melts I am increasingly excited to continue our tennis season.Bethel tennis teams played our first matches on March 3, but have not played for quite some time due to snow and other poor weather conditions. Thankfully, we have a game today and conference matches begin this Saturday (and my parents are coming from Indiana to watch them!!! I am way too excited!!). So far our team is 4-1, not a bad record at all, and we hope to keep improving as all sports teams do.Although the potential of the tennis team is great–we have very high expectations for ourselves this season–the pressure that sometimes comes with that potential does not seem to be a burden. I am so grateful for every one of my team mates and always enjoy tennis matches and practices.I am particularly excited to be playing doubles with Katie Robertson, a senior psychology major, this year. We are both positive players with similar hitting styles and, even though we enjoy pretending to appear “rough around the edges,” are probably one of the least intimidating doubles team. But we continue to find ways to improve and things to laugh about that make playing doubles increasingly enjoyable.With Lonnie Isaac as coach and such wonderful team mates to be playing with, I could not imagine a more comfortable and exciting team to be a part of. It doesn’t hurt that we are pretty darn talented either.I would encourage anyone who can and has some free time to come and watch the Bethel tennis teams play. I know the scoring is confusing and often times it appears to be a “boring” sport, but if the weather is nice you can at least get a tan and it is a nice alternative to homework.Maya-viva-tenis-Kehr