3.14 PIE

I thought about writing this on March 14, 2009[Disclaimer: I realize this date seems long gone and this is not the proper way to blog; I will try to be more timely in the future.]March 14, 2009 = 3/14/2009 = 3.14 = π = PIE!!

Peach pie
Peach pie. Notice the intricate hearts and stars of the crust…almost gourmet.

So I know that this is not exactly a correct mathematical equation and my high school Pre-Calculus teacher would probably shake her head in discouragement, but the point is that March 14 was National Pie Day and that is cause for celebration.In preparation for National Pie Day my room mate (Brittany Voth. If you ever want to find out the nitty gritty details of what goes on in my life you should talk to her, I’m sure she’d have at least a few stories) solicited requests for flavors of pie and we set out to bake that Friday, March 13.

Brittany Voth and I
This is Brittany Voth and I. As room mates we decided it was time to take a room mate/engagement picture.

Brittany, myself and several of our future mod mates (all of whom I am very excited to be living with next year) spent the evening listening to Abba, laughing, talking and baking. There is something very comforting about being in a house and preparing food for yourself (unlike the cafeteria, I actually know what is in everything that I will consume). We divided the work; some members created beautiful crusts while others worked on cutting fruit or preparing the filling.

Strawberry pie
Strawberry pie. Kelsie Miller took these pictures. That’s a picture of pie can look artistic.

In case your mouth isn’t already watering at the thought of pie, I would just like to brag that we prepared cherry, peach, blackberry and apple, pumpkin ice cream, strawberry and pecan pies. They, of course, were joyously consumed the following day and left us all wishing that there were more national “holidays” that leave excuses for baking (National Bread Day anyone??? How about Muffin March Madness??)Even though the food was great, I find that I truly appreciate evenings such as this because they do so much to further community. So much of entertainment today focuses on personal stimulation–movies, video games, facebook, etc.–but often does not leave room for conversing or human interaction. This Lent I gave up facebook with the intention of working on actual face-to-face relationships rather than relying on virtual communication. While it has not drastically changed my life, it does open my eyes to the joys of days such as 3/14. I am grateful for simple conversations and moments when I can simply take in the pleasure of the people I am lucky enough to be surrounded by at Bethel. And when you add food to the equation, well, that doesn’t hurt either.Maya-Irene-Kehr