Welcome to the Arizona “beach”

Well, talk about sand! Today is our first full day in Kykotsmovi, AZ and we are having a bad sand storm. Welcome to the Hopi Nation in the high desert in the four corners region.We arrived yesterday at Hopi Mission School after driving through the night Friday night. Everyone is glad to get away from campus for spring break and do absolutely nothing as far as school work is concerned. Yesterday we went to the Cultural Center for an introduction to Hopi Culture, but otherwise we relaxed and got acclimated.Today we split up into two groups and went to two different local churches (2-2.5 hours services). After a quick lunch we went for a tour of the first mesa and the villages on top. Hazel, a helpful local guide, showed us around and gave us a glimpse into Hopi culture. I will try to post a few pictures, because it is hard to imagine what these ancient villages look like perched on the edge of the mesas. People live in the villages to this day.Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will start painting the new duplex for teachers at the school. Here’s to hoping the sandstorm lets up!Check the links below for more info on the Hopi.http://www.hopi.org/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopi