tribute to wiffleball

Everyone at Bethel knows that wiffleball is the greatest of all intramural sports. This year there are eight intramural wiffleball teams at Bethel, which means that there are upwards of 75 students particpating! With the tournament coming up this week I thought I would take a moment to write a brief tribute to this sport of all sports. Of course the main reason that wiffleball is so stupendous is that it is modeled after the truly great sport of baseball, America’s pastime. Wiffleball simply makes baseball happen in miniature and slows the game down to allow for enjoyment by a larger and more diverse population. Furthermore, wiffleball is the great equalizer: you can only hit a wiffleball so far. This makes it fun for players of all shapes and sizes. Wiffleball at Bethel is especially fantastic because it takes place in Memorial Hall, the old gymnasium with the balcony of wooden seats surrounding the playing field. Yes, a shot up into the bleachers does qualify as a home run in intramural competition, allowing a few of us that rare satisfaction of parking one in the seats and rounding the bases while listening to the roar of the crowd. Now I am one of a few staff and faculty who choose to participate in intramural sports on campus. I have no trouble admitting that I have never quite grown up and at some point I should just move on. However, I am in my eighth year of intramurals at my third college and I am still seeking that first intramural championship T-shirt. And until that quest is fulfilled, it’s GAME ON.