The Forgotten Bethel Team

Based on the slide-show announcements in Convocation, I’d say the Bethel sports teams are feeling pretty good about themselves. They deserve the recognition, for sure, but there are a few Bethel competitors that feel left out. I am one of them.I’ve competed in debate and forensics for eight years of my life. I was on the Moundridge team during high school, and this is my fourth year being a part of the Bethel forensics squad. In high school it didn’t seem like the debate or forensics team received a whole lot of attention, despite being the State Debate Champions my entire high school career, and having forensics competitors qualify for and do well at the State Forensics tournaments.This trend has continued into college. At least in high school if I said I was on the debate or forensics team, people knew what I was talking about. In college, there are students who don’t even know what forensics is, or confuse it with CSI (no, I’ve never investigated a crime scene, unless you count when I tried to uncover who ate the last bit of my turkey sandwich — it was the cat). I think announcing KCAC Players of the Week and the various game results during Convocation is great. And last year forensic results were usually posted in Convocation. However, sports teams get three times the attention that forensics does (I know, we have our own Convo in the Spring, but c’mon, not everyone goes to it). I guess I’m just saying that I’d like a little recognition for my teammates. We (usually) work incredibly hard, give up most of our weekends, and even host two tournaments at Bethel throughout the year. We deserve a little love.