In Rainbows: This is Radiohead

If you haven’t had the chance, nay, pleasure of listening to Radiohead yet, you’re missing out (and have been for over ten years.) Some say their sound is “too different” or “weird,” but I look at their unique sound as a mark of musical maturity.I have been labeled as a music snob by some due to my convictions about what is good or bad music, and it’s a label I don’t shirk off. However, my love of Radiohead extends beyond my need to make sure people are listening to good music. In Rainbows, their album released two weeks ago, may be their best to date…and that’s saying a lot. If you haven’t bought one of their cds before, buy this one. Need more incentive? You can pay whatever you want for it. That’s correct, you spend as much or as little as you want. In a revolutionary move, Radiohead has bypassed record labels and has totally recorded and produced this album by themselves. So if not for your love of the music, get this album because of its potential historical significance in the music world…this might be the beginning of the end for music lables as we know them.Click on this to jump in: