New On-Campus Position

After seeing President Barry Bartel pretty much everywhere I went, I thought of something. Whether it be sitting in convo and chapel, cheering on our teams at pretty much all of our sporting events, or generally being visible all over campus, the man is everywhere. So to reward this fervor and diligence to being a part of the Bethel community, I say we give him a little protection. He is, after all, the Prez. So I suggest a new on-campus position: Barry Bartel Bodyguards. Some have said this would be unnecessary, and I probably can’t win that argument…but I can try. Who knows when an unruly fan from the opposing school or a rabid convo speaker might snap and try to do something crazy? I know I don’t want to take that risk. So someone tell Marla Krell that there’s another student position to fill, and let’s make it happen.