allow myself to introduce…myself

Lowell Wyse

Hello all readers of this Bethel College blog!My name is Lowell Wyse and I serve as an admissions counselor at Bethel. This means that I have the privilege of working with a number of students who are considering Bethel. We have five admissions counselors on staff, and we each have a designated territory. These territories usually change slightly from year to year. My territory this year includes northeast Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan (my home state!), Wisconsin, and Colorado (my favorite state!). I also get to work with students from our neighbor/sister institution Hesston College. I am beginning my second year in Bethel’s admissions office, and I am excited for the year ahead. Although I felt like I became acquainted with people here relatively quickly last year, there is something about beginning a second year that creates in me a calmer feeling. I have an increased sense of familiarity with the people, the campus, and my responsibilities here, which makes it easier to get excited about the new school year. I am also going to audit a Spanish class this fall, which means that I get to sit in on the classes without all the pressure of having to earn a grade. 😀 For a more complete (albeit condensed) story of my life and times, you can visit my admissions page on the BC website: can also meet the rest of our admissions staff and take a look at the territory maps. Enjoy the website and this new blog!