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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

Concert Choir Tour 2015

Concert Choir Tour 2015

The choir's annual spring break tour took them into churches of various denominations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, where they experienced amazing hospitality from an equal variety of people.
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Bethel in bloom

Bethel in bloom

It seems like we just turned around and suddenly it's spring all over the Bethel campus.
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Spring Fling 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Above is a photo from 2015's Bubbert Awards fun. The Bubberts capped off Spring Fling week, which also included Ultimate Trivia, laser tag, Capture the Flag and Bethel Olympics. Plus an Iron Chef Cook-off with a secret ingredient...
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The end of another school year

The end of another school year

Wrapping up, finishing up and moving out, as another school year ends. Our bloggers appreciate coffee, friends, beautiful coffee, summer plans, study breaks and ... coffee.
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I’m not sure if it’s been said at all on this blog, but Mojo’s is one of the best things to come to Bethel. The coffee bar opened at the beginning of the year and has had fairly reasonable prices for really good drinks, sandwiches and desserts. It was especially convenient the few times I have missed the window for supper or lunch in the cafeteria. I don’t even want to think about how much money I have spent at Mojo’s.

Like many incoming college students, I didn’t drink coffee. Some still don’t, but some are like me and have grown to love the smell, taste, and affect coffee has. Some of the flavored drinks have really mild coffee flavors and it’s really easy to get used to it.

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Spring is here! sort of…

I’ve been waiting since the beginning of the year for spring on campus. The grass is green again, the temperatures were in the 70s before spring break, and flowers are starting to bud. Bethel has such a great landscape with so many trees and big green spaces. Unfortunately, when we all moved back in yesterday it was about 34 degrees outside and lightly snowing. That’s just kind of how spring is in Kansas though. You have to take the bad with the good.

On a happier note, today is my first birthday as a college student! It’s amazing how many people have told me happy birthday face-to-face instead of just on Facebook. I love having so many amazing people around me every day.

Finding Beauty Everywhere

Whew! Having fun is tiring work! The week is nearing a close, and as we travel I continue to be amazed at the beauty around me, both in the landscapes we are surrounded by and the people surrounding me. There are a lot of new members in the choir this year, and we have had a lot of fun as a group, getting to know one another better and laughing a lot. Every day I grow closer to people I have cared about for a long time as well as people I am just beginning to know and care for.

We work hard on our music, and performing concerts every night can be tiring. But the energy for that work often comes from our friendships and community. We lean on each other and learn from each other, bringing our joy to the music we create together. I love to sing no matter where or what or with whom, but to sing beautiful music in gorgeous landscapes with people I love . . . how can I keep from singing?


Naomi Graber: 3-25-2011

Spring Break Climbing Club Trip


For the past week, Bethel College has been on Spring Break. For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was pretty stressed, getting a little burnt out, and just ready for a nice, long break. Most of my friends had exciting weeks planned – at least half of them were going on the Choir Tour to the Pacific Northwest (details of which can be read on this blog), the tennis team visited the Southeast, a couple of my modmates went skiing in Colorado, and a handful of other friends took roadtrips to California, Colorado, and San Antonio. My Spring Break started at approximately 6pm on Friday, when a caravan of 3 vehicles left the BC parking lot to drive to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Arkansas for 3 days of rock climbing, camping, and cooking outdoors. Read More

More Blogs From Oregon

Today is our sixth day on tour. The first full day of concerts in Washington was a difficult one; we had the privilege of singing in a Catholic cathedral with amazing acoustics. We arrived there with no time to rehearse in the space so we went on cold turkey. This was a challenging concert but we persevered through, and over the next few days sang three of the best concerts we have ever done. Today is our second day in Oregon. Today we spend the majority of the day on the beach throwing the Frisbee or just walking around the gorgeous Oregon coast. My favorite thing about this day involved Open Road. We made a circle right on the water and sang “Here by the Water” and we took stones and placed them in the water. This event made me realize how truly lucky I am to be involved in this group, and how much I am looking forward to the rest of this tour. Read More

Finding Meaning in New Life

When we were all loaded on the bus and ready to leave Menno Mennonite Church on Sunday, Dale announced, “The service this morning made this entire choir tour worth our time.” I fully agree with this statement. We started the morning after a full night’s sleep in the beautiful landscape of western Washington. I had the opportunity to give the senior reflection before we sang, and I talked about feeling overwhelmed before leaving for choir tour but being thankful for everyone in the choir and everyone who helped comfort me and encourage me during the past few days that we were traveling. I also talked about how I picture the music we sing. I see it as something more than sound waves bouncing off the walls and people in the places we sing. I picture the choir’s harmonies as love that is being poured out to our audiences.

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Spring is here

Now that spring has arrived, you will see more students up and about around the Bethel campus. Tennis is still going strong but the nice weather allows for them to really enjoy the outdoors. Track is under way with plenty of  meets for student to enjoy with the outside sun. Don’t forget golf, they have tournaments coming up that you are sure to enjoy. And who can forget such leisure activities such as  ultimate Frisbee, sand volleyball, walking, running and biking the trail. The  great spring weather brings an array of students out and about the campus.

Food Commitee

The food committee consist of a group of students that are allowed to sit before the overseers of the cafeteria food and constructively give criticism about the cafe food. The food committee’s advisers will ask questions like how do you rate the cafe food, what needs to improve, what area do you like or dislike in the cafe set up, what needs to be changed, how can it be better, what additions would you like to see to the cafe. Sitting on the food committee offers a great opportunity to students to put in there input about the food.

On the Road Again With a Bunch of Friends


Hello, Bethel College Community, family, and friends. Greetings from the Concert Choir in the great state of Washington! Yesterday we drove to Wichita, KS and began our tour with an evening program at Lorraine Avenue Church. Several members of the congregation treated us to a wonderful meal and shortly afterward we performed our first concert, which went well, though I think we can perform even better if we’re able to get a little more rest somewhere in the next few days. The last week of midterms was hard for me at least. The people of Lorraine Avenue and Hope Mennonite church graciously let us stay at their homes afterward, giving us soft beds and lots of food. After an early flight and a slight delay in Denver we arrived in Spokane, where we ate a hearty dinner at a cool local restaurant called the Rusty Moose before rushing off and performing in a cathedral called St. Aloysius on the campus of Gonzaga University. Read More

A Week Full of Music

This past week has been chock full of musical performances at Bethel College. Most of the Bethel ensembles have performed in one capacity or another, as well as an influx of guest musicians performing along with them.It started Friday, when during Convocation a Grammy award-winning saxophonist taught us about music theory and the relationships of notes to each other, and how that plays out in a song. Later that night he performed with Bethel’s Jazz Ensemble I, who played along with Jazz II and the smaller Jazz Combo. It was an inspiring show of Jazz. Read More