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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

The End of a Tennis Season

The End of a Tennis Season

This past weekend were the conference tournaments for the men's and women's tennis teams. Unfortunately, neither team made it to nationals but that does not discount the great and successful seasons they had.
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Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance

Over the past month many of Bethel’s students have been working on the opera, The Pirates of Penzance.
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Bubbert Awards 2014

Bubbert Awards 2014

This year’s Bubberts Awards were on the evening of April 12th. Bubberts was great as always! Everyone looked super spiffy and fancy.
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Concert Choir In Europe

Concert Choir In Europe

The Concert Choir gave a bittersweet farewell to our European choir tour with a final concert on Sunday, this time in front of the friendly faces of Bethel’s campus.
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Cross Country

This Saturday was the final Bethel cross country meet of the regular season.  All of the teams in the KCAC league (McPherson, St. Mary’s, Ottawa, Tabor, Bethel, Friends, Southwestern, Kansas Wesleyan) ran in the meet, which was to determine which individuals and which teams would head to the national race in Vancouver, Washington.  Bethel supporters turned out in droves – there were at least 3 cars full of students, as well as parents, past teammates, and coaches.  In addition to encouraging our fellow classmates during the race, several of the students erected “cheer pyramids” at strategic points along the course!

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What is this, winter?

Well, folks, it happened. The first snow of the year.

Last year at this time I was dealing with lots of excited out-of-state people who either

a. had never seen snow before

b. had seen snow, but didn’t get it on a regular basis.

This year, those people were not so excited about the first snow, knowing that it brings lots of cold, wet days. Last winter we had the first snow day in over 30 years. Since Bethel is a residential campus, the only thing that keeps classes from meeting is if the professor can’t get to campus. Since a lot of professors live within walking distance, this doesn’t happen often.

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The annual Halloween dance and costume contest was held this past weekend.  The dance was absolutely packed – it seemed like all of campus was there having a good time!  And the costume contest was full of creativity and flat-out brilliance.  From Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to Beatles’ Songs to A Formal Apology to Tetris, everyone that I saw put lots of time and effort into their costumes.  My mod dressed as a flock of birds.  I was an owl, and my modmates each represented a canary, a swan, a blue-footed booby, a peacock, a parrot, a penguin, and a flamingo.  We spent nearly a week on our costumes, sewing tutus and jazzing them up with feathers, sequins, or glitter glue.  It was a great way to exercise our creativity and flair for arts and crafts as well as a mod bonding activity.

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You probably had to be there…

I just checked the extended forecast. No temperatures above 70º for a while. Or at least until I check it again tomorrow morning and it’s completely changed. And again by the time I leave my 9 o’clock class and go to lunch. I’ll be ok though, my mom taught me to layer my clothing: thermal T, longsleeve T, zip-up hoodie, peacoat. Thanks mom.

If you couldn’t guess, I’m from the south.

I know what you’re thinking, “Only three blogs in and he’s already talking about the weather…” But give me a chance here. It’s called an introduction, and apparently it’s the appropriate way to lead into the main point of the text. Future Lit Studies majors take note.

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Anybody have a grandparent?


This might be a strange title for a post….I have a confession to make, I love old people. Now perhaps that’s not a politically correct way to say it, but I must confess, I love spending time with retirees. I was extremely close to my grandmother, Anna Margret, and since her death in 2006, I have greatly missed her love, support, guidance and wisdom. It’s amazing how much wisdom and how many stories folks pick up by the time they’re 70 or 80. In addition, retirees often have a different perspective on life and a keen sense of what really matters.

When in college you’re largely surrounded by other college students who may be at the most three or four years older than you. It’s easy to spend an entire week on campus attending class, but interacting largely just with other students. Over the last couple months I have realized that there are many opportunities to get to know some fantastic new folks who have stories and wisdom galore to share. And best of all, those same folks are just as interested in hearing my stories and getting to know me!

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addictions of a college student

So…of course college is fun. Lots of freedom, time with friends, good schedules, fun courses, etc. But one thing about college that you don’t always think about is the down time. Now with your down time you can choose to do one of two things be productive (aka doing homework) or being unproductive. Now more likely than not, if you really have to think about the choice, you will choose unproductive. With this time there are many things to get addicted too. My latest have been tetris battle, stumble upon and pintrest.

Now what is interesting is that all students sort of get hooked on the same thing all at the same time. My friend introduced me to stumble upon, soon all of our friends were stumbling, and then we saw lots of other people were too. Same with games like tetris or cityville. Last year with cityville we would have lunch conversations asking each other to please send us a permit or crops or etc. Now some of you might say wow. That’s pathetic. But really it is a really good way to releive stress. Which trust me, at times there will be lots of it. Now it sometimes will be a waste of time and really sometimes you catch yourself and are like I really should be doing homework. But in all honesty, using the word addiction or unproductive is very loose and not completely descriptive. I am sure every one can admit to needing to do something….well….um….brain numbing or thoughtless. Especially after hours and hours of classes or tests. You need that me time.

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Fall break

Right when midterms, projects, and homework seem to be absolutely overwhelming, the perfect solution appears on the Bethel academic calendar.

A four-day weekend.

Fall break provides the perfect little break from classes for people to go home to get their winter clothes if they live close enough, or go camping for a few nights, or for the really ambitious, head out to Colorado or Missouri for a few days.

I chose the staying on campus option with hopes of getting work done so that the next few weeks would not be too incredibly stressful. That didn’t work quite as well as expected. It was more relaxing and fun than productive, but that’s important as well.

The only downside of fall break is that when Wednesday morning comes, no one wants to go back to class. It’s just a countdown to Thanksgiving break now.

Fall Fest…a little late

So like Justin said, we’re all probably writing about Fall Fest. That’s just how big it is. I’m making mine unique by doing it a week and a half after.

Fall Festival is one giant fundraiser. Have a club that needs funds to have movie nights? Make some sort of food and sell it. That’s the easiest way to describe what happens on campus. It begins on Thursday with the Taste of Newton in downtown Newton. The Taste of Newton has the same fundraise-through-food concept as Saturday’s on-campus event, but it’s with the wider Newton community groups. On Friday afternoon classes are cancelled, presumably so students can prepare for the next day.

I spent my free afternoon going to lectures. This was the fifth year of the STEM symposium, a celebration of science, technology, engineering and math. At Bethel, the STEM departments are Math, Biology, Chemisty and Psychology. The STEM symposium rotates through each department. This year was Math, so as a math major I was really excited. Important alumni from the math department came back to give guest lectures and have a career panel for students.

Turns out I wasn’t interested in any of the careers they have, but they still had some great insight about how to choose a career. One of the main things they focused on is that math majors from Bethel have gone on to a wide variety of career and graduate school choices. That didn’t help me in narrowing down what I want to do with my life, but at least I know that it really is my choice.

A lesson about opportunity

I’m sure the other bloggers will be posting about their Fall Fest experience. And if they’re not, they should be. So I won’t repeat what they’re sure to include. However, I would like to muse about a lesson I learned during this year’s festivities.

Though this was my third Fall Fest, it was just my first time to have the pleasure of “working” the KBCU (radio station) booth. I call it “work”, however, it was nothing of the sort. I got the rundown earlier in the week of what was expected during my one hour shift. Play music, talk to passersby, hand out free stuff. Easy. Read More

Fall Fest!!!


One of the most anticipated events on campus occurred earlier today. Beginning on Friday afternoon, Bethel College invites community members to campus to hear speakers, listen to musical groups, walk through student-created booths, play games, and eat food. The main day of Fall Fest is Saturday, and beginning earlier than 8 am, students, staff, faculty and community members were setting up booths and selling food and handicrafts.

I began my day at the Students for Social Change booth, where my friend Emilie and I gathered signatures for a petition involving the recent Palestinian bid to the UN for statehood. In the same booth, other students sold arroz con leche (rice with milk, raisins and cinnamon) and distributed information regarding the School of the Americas. Other booths sold newspaper subscriptions, held contests to win prizes, sold cookies and verenike, held a Free Sale, and offered tie-dying.

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