Christmas at Bethel


The Christmas season at Bethel is my favorite time of the year. Not only are the students oh-so-close to finishing out the semester, but there are lots of time-honored BC traditions to experience. This past Friday was the Messiah Sing, which is the final (and my personal favorite) convocation of the year. Once again, my penchant for singing in community reveals my bias, for the Messiah Sing is just that – singing Handel’s Messiah in Bethel College Mennonite Church. The BC band and orchestra plays, several of the very best Concert Choir singers perform arias and recitatives, and the audience (segregated into soprano, alto, tenor, bass) sings the rest. It is a beautiful thing, hearing the voices and instruments weave seamlessly together. And when the final “Hallelujah” reverberates around the church, I can’t help feeling a bit sad that I shall have to wait 364 days to hear that moment again. Read More

Christmas Gala

The Christmas Gala was so delightful. It was full of students from the community dressed in their formal gowns and tuxedos. The administration served the students their evening meal and sang Christmas carols during the meal. Students were so excited to see one another in their formal dress. Many pictures were taken with the Bethel snowman and the lit Christmas trees all around campus.President at the gayla

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From Grouchy to God

Stress, stress and more stress. That is where I found myself this past week, not to mention the week before. I was constantly complaining about all the work to be done for my classes and the jobs I hold here on campus. Ask my roommate, and I’m sure she could tell you that I was downright grouchy! Amongst my exceedingly full schedule I somehow found myself sleeping at 10:00 am last Wednesday morning. That next hour at 11:00 am, Bethel has scheduled a time for Chapel lead by our campus pastor Dale Schrag. Although all students are encouraged to attend, no one is required to fill up that hour of your week at a church based service. Read More

Deutsche Weihnachten

Today we had our first practice for Deutsche Weihnachten. This is a pretty cool event, unlike anything else anywhere (except for Germany, they have them all over the place). Basically, It’s a church service entirely in German. The scripture readings are in German, the songs are in German, even the sermon is German (to be delivered this year by Austin McCabe-Juhnke). Read More

I Can Smell the Thanks Coming

The caf has taken special interest in the meals this week–many of them are based on what is traditionally served for Thanksgiving meals. I like the fact that they have the holiday spirit, but boy is it making me long for my family’s traditional dishes. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break, a time to be thankful for family and NO SCHOOL!!!


Hi everyone! My name is Aimee Siebert. I’m a junior at Bethel, and one of your new bloggers here at “Beyond the Green.”As one of the millions of people coming up for air (or falling down for sleep) after the Beijing Olympics, I think I have some bloggable thoughts for this entry that have made it past the sleep-deprived hysteria.Since they only come around every four years–I’m talking summer Olympics for now–The Olympics catch you at different points in your life every time they come around. I like to think I’m a pretty different person at 20 almost 21 than I was at 16 or 12 or 8. I know that I’m a much bigger and eclectic sports fan than I was before, so I think I enjoyed this Olympics more than all of the ones that came before. Read More

Welcome to the Arizona “beach”

Well, talk about sand! Today is our first full day in Kykotsmovi, AZ and we are having a bad sand storm. Welcome to the Hopi Nation in the high desert in the four corners region. Read More

Boston Brass

It is not every day that a renowned music group comes to perform at a small college such as Bethel. But yesterday as I was walking through the Fine Arts Center on campus I heard the most amazing sounds of brass instruments warming up in the wings of Krehbiel Auditorium. So I stopped what I was doing and sat down in one of the cushy theater seats towards the back of the room. Read More

production week

If you have ever experienced Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, then you no doubt recall the role of the “First Priest.” The First Priest’s memorable (and only) line, “He is virtuous?” helps to set the tone for Act II, and his several other appearances as an escort for the “lead” characters and a member of the chorus of priests make the role especially important to the overall plot of the show. Fortunately, as a member of the 2008 cast of The Magic Flute at Bethel this week, I am up to the challenge. (Removes tongue from cheek.) Read More

Celebrating Christmas in the USA 2007

Celebrating Christmas in a different way…I am a foreign exchange student from Germany and I am staying at Bethel for two semesters. I came to Bethel at the end of August, one week before classes started, and I will go home at the end of May. So, I am here for a lot of celebration days, among them Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and probably the most exciting: Christmas. Read More