Lady Threshers visit Florida!

Our women’s basketball team traveled to Florida before the Holidays to play in a tournament.  We lost both of the games, but still had a great time!  We got to spend a lot of time in Daytona at the beach and we visited some great authentic beach restaurants!  Then we spent a few days in Orlando visiting Disney World and doing some shopping!

Disney World was probably my favorite part of this trip.  I had never been before and it was so magical!  I cannot imagine getting to go there as a little girl!   I think our whole team had a great time riding the rides and getting a chance to meet many of the Disney characters!  We took lots of pictures but unfortunately I cannot get them to upload!  Don’t you just love technology!  Well, see the blog right before mine because I know Krishna posted some great pictures!

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Women’s Basketball Christmas Adventure in the sunshine state!

The women’s basketball team took a trip to Florida to play in a basketball tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida. Although the two games they played did not go as expected, as a team the two losses helped them grow and learn from their mistakes in order to get ready for conference play coming up in January. The two games they played may not have went as planned but they did get to enjoy some time off before conference as well. They got to enjoy the warm sunny weather at the beach, and they also got to go to Orlando, Florida to enjoy Disney World. Their time in Florida was a great experience because it allowed them to bond together and get know one another off the court. This bonding experience will help us gear up for the tough conference play ahead of us.

First Game Aginst Taylor of Indiana

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Hesston Thanksgiving tourney

After a joyful 2 days off for thanksgiving break, one would think that the Bethel College Junior Varsity girls might come out a little flat against Hesston college. Actually they did the opposite and they came out full of energy and ready to roll over the Larks of Hesston College.

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Switching gears in Athletics

The start of November means that it is time to switch gears.  Football, Soccer and Volleyball have almost completed their seasons.  They all have their first league game this weekend!  I wish them all good luck in their tournaments!

It is getting colder outside and that means basketball season is rolling around!  I am so excited, of course, because I am a basketball player!  This is my favorite time of year!  Women’s basketball’s first game is Thursday in Oklahoma and the men’s first game is here at home on Friday, November 5th!  Come out and support our basketball teams!  I know everyone on campus is pretty excited to kick off this season.  We have such a great fan base and the students really come out and support all of our teams.  This is one reason I really love Bethel!

Basketball practice already?

I play basketball here at Bethel and our practices start tomorrow!  That is September 28th!  This is very early for any basketball team to start and I can’t believe it is here already!  Conditioning is over with and it is time to get down to the fun stuff!  I have to admit that it is weird to be starting basketball while volleyball and football and other fall sports are just in the middle of their seasons.  It will give us a lot of time to prepare!

Our team looks very good this year.  We have a lot of seniors and a lot of freshman and then just one sophomore and one junior.  We will have a lot of experience with our seniors and  a lot of raw talent with our freshmen.  It will be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out.  I hope we are able to push each other in practice and make each other better.  Our freshmen are really great girls this year!  It should make for an exciting season!  We may start practice early, but our first game is not until Nov. 4th.  So… enjoy all of the fall sports right now, but be ready for men’s and women’s basketball this winter because both teams have been working very hard!

Spring Workouts

When spring comes along it means beautiful weather, everyone going outside, etc. But with spring also comes spring workouts. The football team has been doing 6 am running a few days a week to prepare for their spring football game. The men’s and women’s basketball teams have been hosting recruits, playing pick up games and hitting the weight room hard. The volleyball team has been doing their jump workouts a few times a week also. So the gym is the place to be every afternoon around 4 pm. The track teams and the tennis teams are in season, so they are hitting the track and courts everyday at 4! For me personally, I am in basketball. I do enjoy time away from practicing, but spring is a fun time to be able to hit the weight room, run outside, and play pick up games. Most every afternoon there is someone playing ball in the gym.

Conference is Under Way!!

As a follow-up to a previous post….The men’s and women’s basketball teams are both 2-0 after the first week of conference play! This is a great start for both teams and especially because both games were wins on the road. Thursday was at Ottawa, and Saturday was at Tabor. The Tabor game was an awesome win because the women’s team has never beaten Tabor on their home floor! Keep up the great work!!!

Conference Play Begins Thursday!

For the men’s and women’s basketball teams, conference games begin tomorrow (Dec. 3)! This is when the season really gets exciting. In conference play each team plays everybody twice. So by the middle of January the second half of conference starts. But this week is when every game counts towards winning conference! Read More

Basketball Season has Begun!

The women’s basketball team has began the season this week. We are 2-1 with two big wins this past Friday and Saturday. As a player on the team I am so excited for this season! We, as a team, are expecting great things–such as a conference championship!! We have all been working very hard and our hard work has begun to pay off. Read More

An athlete in training

Wow, it’s been too long since I last posted! I feel like I’ve been neglecting my duties here. September seems to have gone by in a breeze, and October is well on its way!A lot has happened since I last posted, but there is one recent development in particular that I would like to talk about today: I joined cross country! Yes, it is the middle of the season, but I ran a half-marathon 3 weeks ago–a life-changing experience that I just wasn’t ready to let go of yet. I decided I needed something else to keep me motivated to continue running every day. When I found out the women’s team was just one short of having a full team, I thought, well, why not?? Read More