An Introduction

Hello good folks of the blogosphere.

I am Ben Kreider, a hometown boy from North Newton, Kansas, a sophomore and an excited blogger. I am majoring in Social Work and Bible & Religion – both areas that stimulate me intellectually and vocationally. I find myself captivated by many things here at Bethel College. I am a soccer player – from the center defender position I survey the field, careen into opposing players, and find great joy. I am a singer; In the Concert Choir, I focus my bass voice onto particular notes and rhythms and in conjunction with fifty or so other folks find transcendent harmonies. I am a member or at least onlooker in many groups, in clubs with fellow social work students or people wanting to make social change, in the chapel worshiping with the wider college community, at the lunch table feasting on food and conversation.

I am intrigued by the possibility of telling the stories of my experiences at Bethel, of letting you all into the little beautiful crannies of life, of sharing the ordinary and extraordinary with you.

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And So It Begins..


Hi, my name is Madelyn Weaver, and this will be my first year blogging. I am a sophomore here at Bethel majoring in Social Work and minoring in Management, as well as playing tennis for the women’s tennis team. I am from Hesston, Kan. seven miles down the road which I love because it’s close enough that I can go home often to see family and do my laundry but far enough away that I feel like I am living in a completely different area.

So classes have been going for about one and a half weeks and this school year is a year full of changes for us. Of course new freshman and transfers, and many new faculty, but many new building changes as well. The newly completely renovated Schulz Student Center is now up and running and it’s amazing. It has lots of classrooms and offices but also includes computer labs and places where you can sit and socialize or study as well as a kitchen.

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Back to Bethel and Real Life

Hi, my name is Rebecca Trumble. I’m a junior from Newton, Kan. and am an Elementary Education major with a special education liscensure. I’m also involved in a lot of music things here at Bethel. I play trombone in the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble I, and soon will be playing in the Jazz Combo II. The Student Alumni Association and the Student Ambassador program are a couple other things I’m also invovled in.

Since I’m an El. Ed. major I really enjoy working with kids and had the opportunity to spend a second summer working on staff at Swan Lake Christian Camp in South Dakota. Being at camp was so exhausting at times but it was worth every moment. One our longest but most memorable days of the summer was the morning we had to wake up at 4am to help with staffing at the Swan Lake Marathon. We had marathoners come to camp from all over the United States. It was pretty cool to get the chance to eat meals with them, worship with them, and hear their stories.

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Back to Bethel

Hello all! I am Cris Nelson, and I will be a junior this year at Bethel College. I grew up in the neighborhood, spending three years living in North Newton from the 4th grade on up to the end of my 6th grade year. I attended high school at Wichita Heights for four years, all the while making frequent trips back to North Newton to see friends and attend Bethel College Mennonite Church. My mother and my grandmother both used to be members of the church until they moved to Marietta, GA not to long before I would set off for my freshman college. My father and my sister both joined them in the trek to their new digs and took my two dogs, Bear and Shadow with them. Though I have not been to Georgia for any extended amount of time, it is where my family resides and thus my home, though it did not take long for me to find a second home here at Bethel.

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My Last, First Day as a Student

Hi! My name is Kristin Unruh. I am a senior here at Bethel, majoring in Elementary Education and receiving a Special Education endorsement. I have always had a heart for working with children and I come from a family of teachers, so it wasn’t a surprise to my family and friends when I decided to major in Elementary Education. Throughout college, I have been involved in Women’s Chorus, Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, College Buddies participant and now coordinator, Student Activities Committee, Student Alumni Association, and the Student Ambassador program.

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Well, I’m done. Graduation Sunday was last weekend. It was a really nice day – warm but not unbearable, and just breezy enough to keep us cool, but not blow our mortarboards off! Everyone moved out on Monday, which was not a particularly enjoyable experience, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t be coming back to Bethel.

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

No, I’m not actually reading Dickens right now. That would not be a good idea during finals week. It’s more of a general statement regarding the feeling I always have at this time of year.

The crazy, hectic schedule most college students have at this point in the semester brings a lot of stress. Studying is hard. Tests are hard. Studying for a test that could make or break your grade is hard. That’s nothing new.

However, some of the hectic-ness is due to fun activities. Plenty of people are willing to schedule opportunities to feed stressed college students cramming for exams. Different clubs, classes, teams, etc. have end-of-the-year parties. It’s a good kind of busy.

Next year will be completely different. Besides the fact that we’re losing the seniors and gaining new freshmen and transfers, the new academic center that has been under consturction since my freshman year will be completed and used for classes. With only a few buildings on campus, this is a major change. I’ll be a junior, so most of my classes will be for my math major and I’ll be taking the math seminar course.

For now, though, I still have four tests to take for the semester and a lot of studying to do.

Seek. Serve. Grow

I have named the next five weeks or so of my life “The Month of Change.”  Today was my final day of student teaching.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s hard to think of never seeing my precious class again.  I have come to truly love each and every student, hoping and praying for the very best for each individual.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that I completed all the teacher education program requirements.  Bethel College requires a 4-week full block of responsibilities (where the cooperating teacher is completely out of the room for the entire day).  The other student teacher in my building this semester (from another college) only had a 2-week block.  I think this requirement is a unique and wonderful aspect of Bethel’s program.

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Diary of a Student Teacher Part 4: To Love a Child

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t hit me yet that I’m not going back.  It’s hard to imagine that my routine will be different next Monday.  Instead of returning to 2nd grade I will be lining up to practice graduating!  In the early weeks of student teaching when I looked at the calendar and the weeks and weeks that remained before I would complete my student teaching requirements, I thought it would take FOREVER to get to this day.  It turns out the weeks fly by much faster than I could have imagined.

You may think student teachers go to their placements in order to learn how to teach, but it turns out what I was really learning this semester what how to love a child.  We all know those sparkly, bubbly, happy kids who are easy-going and sweet; it’s easy to love them (especially if someone else is disciplining them, and their parents take them home at night).   And we all know those kids who are just plain naughty and you wish their parents would control them!  In a public school classroom, chances are you will have a nice mixture of the two.  But you soon realize that some of those sparkly, bubbly kids can have an attitude when they aren’t in control, and some of the naughty ones can steal your heart.

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Spring Fling week

Now….to catch-up. Between my last post and now a lot has happened, I was in a movie for Bubbert’s Awards, fell off my bike, Qualified for Nationals and found a job for the summer. First the Bubbert’s Movie, I along with my friends were part of a Bubbert’s movie, I’m a Mennonite (here is the link too it.). For those who don’t know, Bubbert’s is our own little version of the Music Video awards or Movie Awards. Students across campus are encouraged to make their own film and submit it.

Unlike last year in which we only had three videos submitted, there were 7 submitted. We got Honorable Mention, but it was a whole lot of fun. The concept is based off the song Swananana by Baby Bash. A alumni had thought the song said I’m a Mennonite, so our fearless director came up with the lyrics and we made a song.

She was using my computer, which unfortunately crashed right before the movie was due so she had to start over. I felt awful but she go the movie done on time, so that’s all that matters.

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